I don’t change up my skincare often, so when I discover something new, it’s got to be really good to be in for the long haul. The latest addition to my skincare lineup is Soap & Glory’s Scrubatomic.

It claims to be a ‘daily’ face scrub, but to be honest, I would be hesitant to use this daily and tend to reach for it about twice a week. 

The exfoliating particles are really tiny and it reminds me of a MAC face scrub I used to use a few years back that has now been discontinued.

It’s quite a harsh scrub, so a light hand is best when using this, as it also has the added benefits of AHA fruit acids. It leaves your skin feeling super smooth and plump, with moisturising Shea Butter and antioxidants from Peach and Goji Berry. This, used alongside my favourite mud masks really helps to de-clog my pores and leave my skin smooth and clear. It’s quite a light, foamy texture and smells nice and fruity so is a pleasure to use.

What’s more, it’s only £9 (and currently on sale for £7 in Boots!). I’m all for splashing out on high end skincare if it performs, but this easily one of the best face scrubs I’ve used, and one of the most affordable too.

Soap & Glory is fast becoming one of my most favourite drugstore brands. I’ve tried out a lot of their makeup this year and have been really impressed, and after this little discovery, I’m keen to try out some more of their skincare too!