Currently Obsessed: Topshop’s Gloss Ink

Every now and then, I try out a new product and get that WOW factor. That “OMG I need this in every colour and to tell all my friends about it right NOW” factor.

Well… that’s what Topshop’s new Gloss Ink has. I tried this out for the first time and the weekend and was instantly in love with it.

It’s a highly pigmented, long-wearing gloss that stays on the lips for ages. Used conventionally it has a high gloss finish, but it can also be dabbed onto the lips for a more matte stain effect.

The shade I have is Cruel, which is a deep, dark pink. Although this shade isn’t an ‘everyday’ colour, I’ve already worn it a couple of times and am absolutely loving it.

It’s very similar to the YSL glossy stains that I LOVE (more on those HERE, and also more about the L’Oreal versions HERE) But something about this is really appealing to me.

Maybe it’s the packaging (which is matte black and lovely) or maybe it’s the price (£8). Either way, I’d definitely recommend checking these out. There are four other shades in the line up, and I will most definitely be stopping at Topshop this week to take a peek at them! (read: buy one in every colour!)

The Topshop Gloss Inks are available now from Topshop, online and in store.