Rouge Ecstasy

Giorgio Armani beauty have been a pioneer in creating unique formulas for the past few years. Love them or hate them, there is no denying that the Maestro foundation and the Lip Maestro gloss are utterly stand-out in texture and concept. Despite my appreciation for their bases, I hadn’t been taken in by any of their lipstick range so far. The packaging is undeniably fabulous but the lipsticks, to me, where not as unique as the other products in their line up. Until now.

October 15th saw the release of their brand new ‘Rouge Ecstasy’ lipsticks…

They are formulated as ‘CC’ lipsticks, combining colour and care. Giving your lips the moisturising and repairing benefits of a nourishing balm, with the same intense colour pigmentation of a traditional lipstick. This combination is a common aim, but it’s pretty rare to actually achieve the perfect balance between the two and I really think Armani have done this with their newest lipstick formulation.

The lipsticks are beautifully soft and smooth, yet the colours are vibrant and long lasting. The swatches below show just how beautifully pigmented and smooth the product is. What’s more, the range of colours is the most extensive we’ve seen from Armani so far. The line-up consists of 36 beautiful shades, so there is literally a shade for everyone. Ranging from the deepest, darkest browns to the palest bubblegum pinks.

The packaging is the same beautiful magnetised design as their original lipsticks, but this time in a glamourous cherry red colour. Very chic and utterly luxurious. As always with Giorgio Armani products… The price does reflect this however. At £25, they are one of the most expensive lipsticks on the market, but if you’re looking for a new high-end lipstick, these will certainly not disappoint.

Armani have also created a beautiful beatbox video to promote the release of this line. If you’re a beauty addict, it’s a bit of a must-watch. They challenged me to create my own little version on Instagram this a couple of weeks ago using seven different shades from the range. Not many people actually guessed what I was saying… Can you?!

Click HERE to see Armani’s professional version.

*This post is sponsored by Giorgio Armani Beauty. All opinions are my own.*