Review: Dove ‘Style+Care’ Dry Shampoo & Heat Protectant

Last week I told you about the new line of styling products from Dove. I’ve been trying them out for the past few days and wanted to give you a quick review of two products from the line.

The first is the Dove Style+Care Heat Protect Spray, which protects hair up to 230C. Heat protectant is one of those products that you can’t really ‘see’ working… so you just have to trust it’s doing it’s job in the long-run…

There are a couple of things however, that (in my humble opinion) determine a great heat protectant from a bad one. Firstly, it should be undetectable in the hair once you’ve styled it, not sticky. Secondly it should help hold your style in place throughout the day, and thirdly, it should smell great (always a bonus, right?!). The Dove Heat Protect spray does all of these beautifully. I’ve really enjoyed using it and it feels weightless in my hair. I’ve almost run out of my Tresemme version and I definitely prefer the scent of this one, so it’ll happily take it’s place.

The second product from the line I’m going to be reviewing in this post is the Dove Refresh+Care Dry Shampoo. Now, I have a very sensitive, dry scalp, so dry shampoos usually send me running in the opposite direction. However, when I went in to try out the line with Dove’s celebrity hair ambassador, Christian Wood, he told me he best likes to use dry shampoo for creating texture in the mid lengths and ends of the hair, not to combat grease at the roots. He used this in my hair and it looked great, helped my style last longer, but even better… it didn’t irritate my scalp at all as it never came into contact with it! If you like to use dry shampoo to refresh your hair too, this one contains less starch than comes in normal dry shampoos so it doesn’t look and feel too chalky. Coming from someone who is very wary of dry shampoo… this is a good one. It actually has a similar effect to using a texturising spray that I like from Oribe, which has a price tag of almost 10x the price, so I’ll definitely be using this to create my beachy waves in the future (and saving myself a pretty penny while doing so!)

So far I’ve been very impressed by Dove’s new Style+Care styling range, especially considering how affordable the products are. I’m going to be reviewing the two serums here on Friday, once I’ve had the chance to give them a full test drive so watch this space!

The Dove Style+Care styling range is available now in stores and online here, RRP £4.49*

*Retailers have the right to change the price at any point without notice. 
A big thanks to Dove for sponsoring this post and introducing me to the line. 
All opinions are my own.