Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Foundation

I’d heard so many good things about the new Marc Jacobs makeup line, I couldn’t wait to try out a few things when I visited the US earlier this month. I picked up a couple of things from the line, but the product I was most excited to try, and had heard simply amazing things about, was the Genius Gel Foundation.

It’s a Gel formula foundation that comes in an impressive 16 shades…
I went for Medium Bisque and it’s a good match for my skin. The packaging of the whole line, especially the foundation, is very impressive. It’s a heavy glass bottle and the design is very unique. It feels expensive (which it is, at $48!)

The Gel formula is quite unique as well, it’s somehow thick, but still quite runny. It applies nicely to the skin. Personally I am yet to find a favourite way to apply this. I’ve tried a number of different brushes, a sponge and my fingers, and it doesn’t seem to make much difference which I use.

The coverage is light-medium, but it is also build-able so you can build it up to a medium-high coverage. Personally, I’d rather use a higher coverage foundation when I want full coverage, as using a lot of this product does show on the skin (like any product, you don’t want to be caking it on!) The finish is very natural, slightly glowy but not shiny. The formula feels lovely and comfortable on the skin, nice and hydrating.

The wear time is about average, with powder and concealer touch ups, it’ll last you a full day. I think it is best suited to normal-combination skins. Anyone overly oily or dry might have issues with it, but personally it suited my skin down to a T.

Overall, this foundation is really nice, and is a lovely choice for everyday wear. It’s undeniable that it looks good on the skin (I’ve had lots of compliments when I’ve been wearing it in my recent videos) and I have been nothing but happy with it’s performance… yet something about it leaves me a little unsure.

It’s really nice, but just not amazing. I don’t think it does anything really extra special for my skin. I find myself reaching for my Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua and Shiseido foundations over this. I’ll certainly use it and enjoy it, but I don’t think I would buy it again. Having said that, I know people who swear by this, so it’s worth a try if you can get a sample, but definitely try this before you buy! If I had, I’m not sure I would have splashed out $48 for it!

You can see the foundation in action in this video:

*Keep your eyes peeled for another MJ makeup review coming soon – The other product I picked up is an absolute gem!*