Bourjois Colour Edition Eye Shadows

Creme-to-shadow eyeshadows are a fairly rare thing. When I first saw these I thought they would be along a similar vein to the Maybelline Colour Tattoo ones, but I was wrong. These are much drier and certainly (as they say) a real creme-to-powder formula. The only products I’ve come across that are similar to these are the Chanel Illusion Ombre eyeshadows (which is unsurprising considering Bourgois and Chanel are made by the same people) But these have less of a ‘whipped’ texture, and feel quite firm to the touch.

The colour payoff is nice. It’s not outstanding, but…

more than adequate for everyday wear. All of the shades are shimmery and I actually really like their choice of colours (there are no dodgy brights!) The only colour I don’t think I would wear is the navy. The red and green shades are really interesting and I think they make a nice addition because they are colourful but still very wearable.

L-R: Bleu Tenebreaux, Plum Nocturne, Kaki Cheri, Petale de Glace, Or Desir,  Marveille L’argent

I found that these applied best using my rounded synthetic blending brush from Crown. They do work when applied with the fingers but I found the brush to work better at blending them.

These claim to be ’24 hour’ shadows. I’m not sure about the ’24 hour’ obsession in the makeup industry at the moment, as I don’t think anyone would want their makeup on for 24 hours anyway… BUT I’m also unconvinced these would last that long anyway. With a primer, they’ll last all day and they don’t crease, but they aren’t the longest lasting products out there and if used alone I found they started to fade after about 6 hours (though still did not crease). On the plus side, this means that they aren’t a pig to remove at the end of the day like some others are.

Overall, I’m really impressed by these. They are launching this month priced at £6.99 each.