Chubby Eyes

I’m so late on the bandwagon with these, but I’ve been really loving them recently so wanted to share them with you all. They are the Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tints for Eyes. They were released a good few months ago now (back near the beginning of the year I believe) and Clinique sent me a few to try at the time. Having not been a fan of the original Chubby Sticks for the lips (although I did quite like the intense versions… but that’s another story.) I wasn’t overly intrigued by them and have to admit, they sat in my drawer for a while, untouched. 

Recently however, I have been reaching for these two shades an awful lot. They are the perfect products for 5 minute makeup application…

(and with my wedding less than 4 weeks away, I have to admit that I’m lucky if I even get 5 minutes at the moment!)

They are essentially cream shadows in a stick formula. Similar to the discontinued MAC shadesticks (but better, in my opinion.) They are really easy to apply and blend, the shape of the crayon actually makes it really simple to apply them to your lids from the stick and blend them using your fingers, though I would recommend using a brush if you want to take the colour under your eyes at all. They don’t crease or move once blended. 

These two gorgeous shades are Lots o’ Latte and Whopping Willow. I have Green/Hazel eyes so both of these are very flattering on me and I really love how quick and easy they are to apply. They also make for a lovely base for other eyeshadows.

All in all, these have definitely been makeup bag essentials for me over the past few weeks. You can pick them up from Clinique counters, or online here for £17 each. Not cheap but very lovely. These are definitely one of my favourite products from Clinique.