Reign in Spain

As soon as this colour arrived in my Birchbox this month, I knew it would be one of my summer favourites.

It’s Color Club’s ‘Reign in Spain’ and it is, in my humble opinion… simply stunning.

In some lights it looks like that creamsicle-pastel orange, and in others it is completely neon. Orange can be hard to get right when it comes to nails, but this seems to tick all the boxes.

It is also ultra flattering, especially if you have a hint of a tan, it makes you look even more tanned. I think this will be my toe-colour staple of the summer.

The one downside I have found already is that it isn’t great on the chipping front. I noticed a few tiny chips after just 24 hours, but I didn’t use a top coat so I would estimate 2-3 days worth of wear with a decent top coat before you’d have to switch this up (more on the toes obviously)

Either way, it’s still a winner for me. I’m a sucker for neons in the summer.

This polish is part of the Birchbox for Colour Club ‘Wanderlust’ collection, which you can pick up from their site now. You can get all four shades for £10 (a pretty good deal in my opinion) The other colours look lovely too, but this is the best one I think! The photo is from my lovely friend Gemma’s blog GemsMaquillage (Check it out HERE)

Birchbox costs £10 per month +£2.95 for shipping, and you can find out more here. It’s my current favourite ‘Beauty Box’