Beauty Jelly: Astalift vs. Illamasqua?

When I clapped eyes on the new Hydra Veil from Illamasqua’s summer collection, I instantly thought of Astalift’s cult ‘Aquarysta’ product. They are uncannily similar in texture, but how do they actually compare? Is the Illamasqua really a cheaper alternative?

When I first discovered Aquarytsa’s highly unusual formula not too long ago, I was totally taken in by it; a clear jelly that applies a little like a serum, cooling the skin and resurfacing it to leave you a with super-soft, smoothed complexion.

There is no denying that on first impression, Illamasqua’s Hydra Veil is almost identical, the colour and scent are the only noticeable differences. Even when applied, they feel the same, and leave the same smooth texture and instant hydration-boost to the skin after absorption (as well as both returning to perfect, clear jelly after being thoroughly mixed up! See pictures below.)

But don’t let the aesthetics fool you… there is actually a big difference in what these products claim to do. While Astalift claims to fight the signs of ageing, even skin tone and add long term hydration to the skin, Illamasqua designed Hydra Veil specifically as a ‘Cosmetic Care’ product, rather than Skin Care (which they don’t currently make). They actually don’t claim that the product offers any long term skin benefits at all. It is meant to be merely a quick fix, instant-effect product that hydrates and primes the skin ready for foundation.

If you take a peek at the ingredient list, Aquarysta contains a blend of Ceramides and Collagen, along with an interesting bit of background research, conducted by the brand’s owner FujiFilm, on how and why the product is effective.

So while Aquarysta might be twice the price at £69 for 40ml, compared to £27 for 30ml there is a reason for this. Having said that… I’ve been using Aquarysta for about 3 weeks now and haven’t noticed a big different in my skin. It does also contain parabens, while Hydra Veil doesn’t, and if you are simply looking for that quick fix, and want a fantastic primer for dry or dehydrated skin, then I would recommend going with the Illamasqua.

Either way, both products are a really interesting, unique texture that I would recommend experiencing for yourselves next time you pass by an Illamasqua counter, or an Astalift retailer.

You can buy Astalift from, and Illamasqua from Debenhams.

What do you think guys? Have any of you tried these products? If not, do you like the idea of them?