A (Busy) Week in Beauty Products…

OK guys… so I haven’t put up a new blog
post for almost 10 days **slaps self on wrist** but there is a good reason, I

I’ve actually been moving house this week
(well, technically we moved over the weekend, but it’s taken a whole week to
get everything straightened out enough for normal programming to commence!)
Anyways… I hope you’ll all forgive me?!

I’m back today to share a few beauty bits
that I’ve been loving this week, during the stressful and grueling task of
moving house, these products have really helped me through…

First of all and most essential, is a
decent hand cream. I’ve never ‘properly’ moved house before (in-between uni and
home etc doesn’t really count, as you’re not moving the whole house!) and I
didn’t realise quite how badly all the dust and handling cardboard boxes dries
your hands out! I’ve been using my gorgeous…

Mor Lychee Flower hand cream to
fight off that horrible dryness and it’s been working a treat!

I’ve also noticed a turn for the worst in
my skin on my face too. It’s probably a tiny bit due to stress, but I’m 100% convinced it’s
mainly the dust that does it… uncovering untold havens of grime you never knew
were there (hello, behind the tumble dryer!? YUK!) 

Anyway, to help get my skin
back on track, I’ve been using a mixture of my new Ole Henriksen rose hip oil
(which he calls Pure Youth Activating Oil but it’s pretty much just rose hip oil with a few added vitamins!) along with a
couple of face-ful’s of Borghese Fango Delicate mud mask to keep those
blackheads at bay (which, may I add, isn’t quite as good as the original, but
I’ve run out, so it’ll have to do! And it’s ok for my whole face rather than
just my T-zone which is a plus!)

Lastly, I’ve been using Weleda’s cult ‘Skin Food’ as my nighttime moisturiser to help cut through the dusty-dryness and
I’ve fallen totally in love with it. 

It’s one of those products I’ve had a
sample of for ages and never really been bothered about trying it… but it’s
really wonderful if you have dry skin. You can use it anywhere on the body too,
so it’s great for elbows and knees etc.

The final product I’ve found to be a total
godsend this week is my This Works Stress Less Deep Sleep roll-on. It’s a blend of
essential oils designed to help you sleep. Even though we’ve been going to bed
at around 1am every night feeling utterly exhausted, I always find it hard to
sleep in new places, and this has been really helping me to relax. I’m not
normally a huge fan of these type of things, but I think feeling overly tired,
mixed with the excitement of a new home calls for such measures! ;P I love it

Normal blogging will commence as of
tomorrow. I just wanted to say hello and share a few bits and pieces with you.
I hope you’re all having a lovely week!

Fleur xo