bareMinerals READY Foundation Review

I’ve always been a fan of bareMinerals products, but I must admit that I’m not a fan of loose powder in general, so while I love the performance of their products, I never use them consecutively for months and months… I’m just too clumsy and end up getting powder all over my makeup bag, dressing table and carpet (shhhhh don’t tell Mike!)

The unveiling of their READY collection back in April last year proved that the quality of their products and pigments are fantastic, and now (finally!) they have decided that the time is right to unveil a READY version of their original foundation, I had to try it out.

The packaging is lovely, as with all of the READY line: nice and sturdy with a big mirror and matte finish.

The texture is not that of a super fine powder, and it has a hint of shimmer in there if you look extra close.

The application is similar to the original foundation, but without the messy tapping, you just buff it straight into your skin. You can get a higher coverage if you use a more densely packed brush (for a medium, more natural finish, use a fluffy brush)

Because it’s not super fine, it doesn’t create a mess and provides a lovely medium, build-able coverage. It’s a natural finish foundation that is easy to top up on the go (and stays put well anyway so this might not be a concern)

Mug shot (with no other makeup, first thing in the morning, so yes my hair, eyebrows etc are all ceerazy!)

I really love the coverage bareMinerals products provide, it’s almost like a soft focus look. It’s got SPF 20 to boot (and personally, I find topping up with powder throughout the day much easier than using a liquid foundation, so you can top up your spf at the same time… perfect!) There are 20 shades too, so something for everyone.

It’s not cheap at £25, but i think if you’re a bareMinerals convert you’ll know that it’s worth it. It’s actually the same price as their original foundation, and the packaging is much more luxe. I’m a big fan. I think this is a great step forward for the brand, and this will be becoming a handbag regular for me personally.

You can pick up bareMinerals’ new READY foundation from with 15% off and free delivery!