Review: Lancome Teint Visionnaire

I got the chance to try out Lancome’s new foundation Teint Visionnaire, ahead of it’s nationwide launch today, so I thought I’d do a review for anyone who’s looking at buying it.

It’s a duo foundation-concealer product: a 30ml bottle of foundation with a large compact concealer held in the lid, along with a mirrow. The packaging itself is rather bulky. Not good for girls-on-the-go but it’s a pretty, and a user-friendly design.

The product itself is a foundation-version of the brands bestselling Visionnaire serum. The ingredient used in the serum (LR 2412) is hailed as being a technological feat in skincare that activates the skin’s defences and healing process. Lancome claim that it refines the surface texture, smoothes wrinkles and fades irregular pigmentation. The foundation contains a 2% concentration of this ingredient, while the serum contains 4%. The serum is priced at £59 and the foundation and concealer duo at £36, so it already seems like a good deal when you compare it to their skincare prices.

But how does the foundation actually perform?

The formulation is thin and gives a medium coverage with an SPF of 20. The finish is a natural satin, and I would therefore say it’s not the best for those looking for anything high coverage or matte. If you want a more natural look though, this foundation is really nice. It leaves the skin looking youthful and radiant, without looking ‘overdone’. The staying power on my skin was about average compared to my other foundations. Not ultra-long lasting, but it got me through the day without disappearing.

The concealer has a good coverage. Though still not full coverage, it effectively conceals any blemishes on my face and works really nicely under the eyes. For any major breakouts I would personally switch to a higher coverage product, but for day to day use, this is great.

I haven’t been using it long enough to comment on any of the skin benefits, but judging by a week’s worth of wear, this foundation is a great choice for everyday. It’s targeted at older women, so therefore may not be the best choice for younger, oily skin. But if you are 20+ and your skin is normal-dry, this would be a nice choice.