Nivea Express Hydration Primer

A couple of weeks ago the lovely people at Nivea asked me to film some videos with them about their new ‘Express Hydration’ primer. 

If you haven’t heard about the primer yet, it’s really quite a neat little product. It’s a two-in-one product that moisturises the skin and primes it for makeup application too. I must admit when I first heard about it I was sceptical, as I like using both a moisturiser and a primer for different reasons, so was a little unsure about making it a one-step process. Once I tried the product however, I absolutely loved it. It’s a really unique texture, almost like a gel. 

It feels very cooling, and leaves your skin feeling smooth and fresh. It is silicone based, but doesn’t have that typical ‘silicone’ texture that is common with primers. 

The only other primer that I’ve come across with a similar texture is the Laura Mercier one (which is about 10x the price!).

They have two different variants, one for normal-combination skin and one for dry-sensitive. 

I went for the latter and it worked really well on my skin. This type of product is great for me, as I tend to suffer from my skin looking dry towards the end of the day, rather than my makeup sliding off, or my skin becoming oily. The extra boost of moisture really helped my foundation to stay put for longer. It’s definitely something I’d recommend for girls-on-the-go as it will save you time in the morning! It’s also very affordable too, at £3.99 for 50ml.

You can check out the fun videos I made with Nivea here: 

They tell you a little bit more about the product, along with a couple of my tips for doing your makeup on the go, and refreshing your makeup after a long day!

You can pick up the  Express Hydration Primer in Superdrug now.

*This is a sponsored post