Dove Crème Mousse Body Wash

The transition time between Summer and Autumn is always really tough on my skin. I find I have to step-up my skin and body care routine to keep dry, sensitive patches at bay, so when Dove asked me to try out their new Creme Mousse Body Wash, I jumped at the chance! It’s got what Dove call ‘NutriumMoisture Technology’ which targets protein and lipid damage to the skin caused by regular shower gels, nourishing the skin deep down and leaving it feeling smoother for longer. It comes in two different varieties: Brightening and Deeply Nourishing.

But do they actually work?

I gave the Deeply Nourishing one a whirl this week and was really impressed! 

The mousse formula is really luxurious and  feels lovely on the skin. It almost feels like you’re using a body lotion as a shower gel, you can really feel the difference in your skin after showering.

It left my skin feeling lovely and soft. It’s got quite a classically ‘soapy’ smell, which might be a love-or-hate factor for many. I personally really like the smell, though I would love to see a fruitier variant on these products in the future!

You can pick up Dove’s Creme Mousse body wash in Supermarkets, Superdrug and Boots stores now. There are only £3.71 for 200ml so won’t break the bank, but will certainly help to keep your skin nice and smooth throughout the winter months!

*This is a sponsored post