It’s a 10!

Ever since I discovered my beloved Unite 7 Seconds leave in conditioner over a year ago, no other leave-in, detangling, conditioning type of product has quite been able to beat it for me. I have rather thick, unruly, colour-treated hair that is near enough impossible to brush when wet unless paired with a very effective leave-in conditioner.


One of my lovely followers (Muna – Hello and thank you!) sent this curious little bottle of hair goodness to my PO Box a couple of months ago, after emailing me to say that she had discovered a product she knew I would love and to keep an eye out for it in the post.

Well, I can confirm that this little purple bottle did not dissapoint. It is truly incredible.


So what is it, I hear you ask?! Well… it’s from US salon brand ‘It’s a 10’ which I had never heard of before, but a quick bit of research tells me that it’s a line designed to take a lot of the fuss out of hairstyling. All 10 of the products in their line have 10 different benefits for the hair. They are all easy to use and a lot of them are also multi-purpose.


This little gem promises to:

1. Repair dry, damaged hair

2. Add shine

3. Detangle

4. Control frizz

5. Seal & protect hair colour

6. Prevent split ends

7.Create silkiness

8. enhance natural body

9. Take the place of your regular heat protectant


A bold list of claims! But I can tell you that it seriously delivers! This is the best little product I’ve used in a long time. I would thoroughly recommend it for those with thick, knotty, colour-treated, or just plain unruly hair. I swear, it works wonders!


There are however, a couple of quibbles I have with this product. The first being how difficult it is to get your hands on if you live outside of the US. As far as I can tell, the line is only stocked in US Salons. You can pick it up on Amazon for around $14, but they’ll charge you another $14 to deliver it outside of the US.


My second quibble is that, if you are actually based in the US and looking for a salon, there is a Salon Locator on their website, but it only lets you search by state, not zip code, and then lists the salons in alphabetical order by salon name, so it could take you all day to find your local one!


Either way, the product is that good, I’ll definitely be hunting some down when I’m in the US in November… I’ll be sure to get some extras for a giveaway if I can – this stuff needs to be shared… it’s just so good!


Have any of you tried this products? If you know of an easier way to get your hands on it in the UK, please let me know!