Review: Dior Airflash Foundation

I hadn’t heard anything (positive or negative) about Dior’s spray foundation before I tried it, so I really didn’t know what to expect. I must admit I was rather sceptical about the idea of spraying on your foundation. Let’s face it… this has the potential to be a total disaster!

You give the (rather large) 70ml can a good shake before use, then spray the fine mist about 20cm away from your face. Surprisingly, it didn’t end up all over my clothes and in my hair, as I expected. Instead it was a dream to apply, giving me a light, even coverage. It’s marketed as a light coverage foundation with a matte velvet finish, but it is easily buildable to a medium coverage, and I would consider the finish to be only semi-matte. After application, I tend to spray a little into the palm of my hand, then blend it using my finger on to any areas where I want a little more coverage.

I fell in love with this after one use, and over the past week I’ve been using it every day and seem to love it even more each time! It leaves your skin simply glowing, looking flawless but natural at the same time (the exact thing that most people are looking for in a foundation). It is for this reason, paired with the fact that it takes about 10 seconds to apply, that’s it’s my new foundation of the moment.

Before (ZERO makeup!)

After using Airflash alone (No primer, powder etc)

The spray application is also quite cooling and refreshing on the skin, perfect for summer! The staying power isn’t phenomenal, but if you use a primer and setting spray or powder, then it will last you a good 6 hours. You can of course, top it up very easily if need be.

Overall, the only downside to this foundation is the price (but you were expecting that, it is Dior after all!) at £33. I can’t believe there isn’t more hype about this foundation online. It’s simply lovely and has secured a place amongst my all time favourite bases.

You can pick up Dior Airflash foundation from Dior counters, or online from Debenhams. Priced at £33, available in (as far as I can see!) 5 shades.