Review: F.A.B Ultra Repair Oatmeal Mask

I’ve recently become a big fan of First Aid Beauty’s line of body care products. I was therefore excited to try the newest addition to their skincare line, the Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask.

It promises to calm, nourish and smooth distressed skin, without harsh chemicals, parabens and a whole host of other nasties.

It comes in a compact, 2.oz tube that is great for travelling. I’d estimate you get between 10-15 uses out of it, depending on how much you like to apply.

The consistency is thick, as you would expect from a nourishing mask. It has quite large pieces of oatmeal still in it and it applies thickly on to the skin. It has a soft, pleasant scent (unsurprisingly, like oatmeal!)

Although it’s thick, it isn’t stubborn to remove. It doesn’t tingle or irritate my skin in the slightest during the 10 min treatment, and leaves my face feeling refreshed, plumped and baby-soft.

This was everything I had hoped it to be: a gentle, highly moisturising face mask that I can use on a regular basis without overwhelming my skin. I’d thoroughly recommend this to anyone with irritable, dry skin or those seeking an extra boost of hydration. It is the perfect accompanying product to their multi-use Ultra Repair Cream (more on that HERE). It has most certainly found a firm place in my skincare routine.

The First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Oatmeal Mask is available now. $22 from Sephora stores internationally. I’m not sure when it will be available in the UK, but I’m sure it will be soon!