Review: Dior Show New Look Mascara

I’ve only ever tried one Dior Mascara before. It was Dior Show a few years ago and to be honest I wasn’t overly taken with it. I therefore didn’t know what to expect from their latest addition to the Dior Show line, Dior Show New Look. 

At first look it isn’t overly impressive. While it retains the gorgeous Dior packaging, the brush is surprisingly small. A teeny tiny rubber wand that has two different arrangements of bristles at either end, it looks intriguing to say the least.

The brush makes it a little time-consuming to apply, but allows you to reach the smallest lashes, even the ones that are just staring to grow from the lash line. It is quite a ‘wet’ mascara, and leaves the lashes with a very glossy, almost wet-look finish. This might be something to do with the ‘Black Glass Pigment’ it contains. I never go too much in to technical details with mascara, but it’s meant to give a greater depth of colour by using light reflecting particles. Technical details aside, the effect is very nice.

One Coat

I’m not normally one for wetter mascaras, as they tend to enhance length more than volume (as I have long lashes already) but this really does add both dramatic length and volume to the lashes. You can apply it in one coat for a more ‘daytime’ look (above), or layer it for a little more drama (below). 

Two Coats

It does have a slight tendency to slick the lashes together if you’re not careful with application… if you don’t like the spidery-lashes look then this might not be for you. 

Again, because it’s more of a wet mascara, it does dry to leave the lashes a little hard. Having said that, it doesn’t move. This mascara doesn’t smudge or flake whatsoever on me. I’ve fallen asleep a couple of times wearing this, rubbed my eyes, even cried… and it just doesn’t move!

I’ve found myself reaching for this mascara over my others for the past few weeks. It’s undeniably a good mascara and I think those who like slick-looking lashes but don’t want to compromise on volume will love this. Whenever I’m reviewing high-end mascaras, I have to benchmark them against my all time favourite YSL Effet Faux Cils and for this one, I have to say it’s pretty close. 

YSL Effet Faux Cils

I think the YSL still gets my vote, as it leaves the lashes a lot softer and adds just a little added volume, but if you are looking for something with better staying power (and that lasts longer… YSL mascara rarely makes it past 2 months for me!) then the Dior might be your answer.

What do you think? Do you like the look of this mascara?