New Hair!

If you were following my Vlogs last month, you may have seen that I finally got around to getting my hair done. I’ve been umm-ing and ahh-ing about going darker for ages now (with limited degrees of success and longevity!) so when swanky London salon Gielly Green invited me in for a complimentary cut and colour, I snapped up the chance!

Like I said, I wanted to go for something a little more natural, but still blonde. I was thinking Jennifer Aniston at her blondest…

Face transplant not included (unfortunately!)

As for cut… I didn’t want too much of a change, just an inch or two off in length and a bit more shape around the front and ‘movement’ in general.

OK so I’ll cut to the chase. This is before:

And after:

I was so happy with the result, I absolutely love it! I’m quite interested to see if the colour fades very quickly as my hair has been bleached so much in the past, but fingers crossed it will stay this gorgeous, deeper shade of blonde for a good few weeks! My colourist, Shahar, added a few very fine, very blonde foil highlights throughout and coloured the rest a much darker shade of blonde than I was before.

I was equally as impressed with the cut, which was done by the co-founder of the salon, Fred Gielly. It’s added so much more ‘oomph’ to my hair and is really easy to style at home.

I’ve actually been curling my hair a lot since I had it done as I love the way it looks in loose waves. I’ve found the perfect product-companion to this look in the form of Oribe’s Apres Beach spray too. I’m not normally one for using too many (if any!) styling products, but I adore this for refreshing my waves and making them look freshly tousled! 

This is taken in brighter light so you can see the colour better, but it’s also after a couple of washes,

It’s darn expensive at £33, but if you wear your hair like this all the time, I’d say it’s worth the investment, I’ve used mine every day since I got it. It smells absolutely amazing too, you almost don’t need perfume after using this!

Overall, I totally love my new hair! I’m so happy to have finally achieved the more natural shade of blonde I’ve been craving for months… thank you Gielly Green! I will de desperately saving up in the hope that I can afford your services when my roots grow out!