The Shimmering Chanel Dupe!

Check out this near-perfect dupe for Chanel’s beautiful Illusion D’Ombre eyeshadow in Mirifique! It’s New Cid’s i-colour in Zinc and you can pick it up for significantly less than it’s Chanel counterpart (£14 vs £22.50!)

With the exception of Chanel’s beautiful packaging, they are virtually identical. If anything I’d say the New Cid alternative has a slightly better texture (you can see in the picture, the Chanel one tends to go on a little thicker!)

Left: New Cid, Right: Chanel

Both are the perfect choice for creating the most beautiful, shimmery smokey eye out there. They have a gorgeous heavy mousse texture (I’m not normally a fan of mousse-type products except when edible, but these are truly lovely!) 

If you do invest in either of these beauties however, be warned! You need a good primer to ensure you don’t end up with glitter all over you cheeks at the end of the night!