Nailed: Models Own Indian Ocean

I had to hit a few Boots stores before I managed to find a bottle of Indian Ocean in stock. It’s one of three new polishes to be released in to their Beetlejuice line (two of which I have bought – more on the other one later in the week!)

It’s a gorgeous blue (presumably inspired by the indian ocean!) with a lilac shimmer. Although most of the Beetlejuice shades are duo chromes, this is really more of a shimmer in my opinion.

It is disappointingly sheer on its own, and requires 4 coats for full opacity, I tried this out with a few different colours underneath it and think it’s one of those polishes that can transform any plain colour.

Left-right: 1 coat alone, over Barry M Navy, over Barry M Berry Ice Cream, 4 coats alone

My favourite colour combination was with Barry M’s Berry Ice Cream. One coat of each and it gave the most gorgeous effect. I’m not sure if it’s the Barry M, the Models Own, or combination of both, but the wear time of this was amazing… 5 days with minimal chips! (Normally I struggle to get past 3!)

On a side note… this is the first time I’ve tried Models Own polishes and they STINK! Honestly the worst smelling polishes I’ve come across! However, if you can get over the smell… I’m loving this shade for spring and summer!

What do you think?

Models Own polishes are available from larger Boots stores, priced at £5 each (currently 3 for 2 though… yey!)