Mini Rave: Biore Make-up Removing Wipes

I know face wipes aren’t my usual thing to review but I thought these were a little different to any I’ve tried before so what better reason to tell you all about them!

The Biore Make-up Removing Wipes don’t look like anything special in the packaging and to be honest they aren’t something I’d normally choose unless they were on special offer.

Let’s keep it simple, cos they’re only face wipes… but these honestly remove makeup more effectively, and faster than any others I’ve tried. One swipe and it’s gone! Seriously, amazing!

The one problem is that they’re not great for mascara. As the sheets are textured, they aren’t as easy on the eyes as I’d hoped. But if you’re looking for some makeup wipes with serious clout, then look no  further!

I’d definitely recommend these for people who need to take off a lot of makeup, fast (aka if you wear stage makeup, make up artists etc) They are oil free too.

You can pick these up from Superdrug now. They are £3.99 for a pack of 25.