Review: New bareMinerals Tinted Moisturiser

*Guest Review by Jess*

bareMinerals has become one of the worlds most loved brands in recent years, and I can understand why… Minerals and vitamins in your make up – what could you want?! Although many brands have jumped on the ‘mineral bandwagon’, bareMinerals remains the leading mineral-based makeup brand, so I was excited to hear they are expanding their product line to include a few more non-powder products.

The first of which I’m going to review is the new Advanced Protection SPF20 Tinted Moisturiser, due for release in April (They are also releasing a non-tinted version of these, but that’s another story!)

In my opinion, tinted moisturisers are perfect in all circumstances, but especially for the dry skin prone and for fair complexions (like myself!) I often feel the need for some added coverage to revive myself in the morning, but don’t like to wear much make up on an everyday basis.

There are two types of the new bareMinerals product, one is for those with ‘normal to dry’ skin and the other for those with ‘combination’ skin. this is the one I have been test-driving. I have applied product every morning for the last two weeks.

The two best things about this moisturiser for me (despite the Vits & Mins straight from Mother Earth destined to replenish the natural moisture in your skin, obviously!) are that it is has SPF 20, and its creamy consistency. It smoothes on easily, is non-greasy and leaves my skin feeling light and soft, with a light coverage that is perfect for day to day wear.

The bottle doesn’t actually indicate how dark the lotion is. Usually my first reaction would be to run from a ‘one size fits all’ product such as this, opting instead for something designed especially for my skin tone.

Yet this product is one of those magic ones, my pale complexion did not turn orange, in fact it matched my skin like a dream. It should therefore match a fairly wide variety of lighter skin tones with no problems (This may however, not be the case for those of you with dark-medium skin tones).

The one downside of this product however, is the price tag. It will cost you £27 a pop and although the product ticks every moisturiser-box, I have to admit that I still prefer my usual choice. It’s a nice product which I will happily use up, but for £27 (and less!) I think there are better choices on the market.