Fragrance Friday: Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum

I’ve been meaning to try out Roberto Cavalli’s new fragrance for ages now. I was invited to the launch back in January but couldn’t make it. To be honest, I’ve never been a huge Cavalli fan (leopard print just isn’t my thing) so I wasn’t overly optimistic that I would love his latest fragrance.

However, when I saw my friend last week and she was raving about how wonderful it was, I knew I had to smell it for myself. So I made a beeline for it when passing through John Lewis today and I’m really glad I did.

The bottle is really nice. Like I said, Cavalli isn’t usually my thing, but I think the tiny peek of animal print on the neck of the bottle is tasteful and I love the heavy glass bottle.

As you might expect, it’s quite a sensual fragrance. It’s a strong oriental scent that is sexy yet sweet at the same time. It’s ever so slightly floral, with a creamy vanilla base.

It only comes in Eau de Parfum, and has great staying power. Although you might assume this with Eau de Parfum, it’s sometimes not the case so I always give scents a good trial wear before I review them! I sprayed this on at 1pm, it’s now 6.30pm and it’s still going strong so I’m impressed by that.

Overall I really like this fragrance, especially for summertime. It’s not the most ‘sophisticated’ of scents (Think Paco Robanne Lady Million and Vera Wang Princess) but I think it will be really popular.

If I didn’t have such a shameful amount of fragrances already on the go I’d probably treat myself to a bottle, but for now I’ll have to suffice with a quick spritz whenever I pass it in the shop!

It is available in 30, 50 and 75ml bottles starting at £35. Has anyone else smelt this yet? What do you think?