Nailed: Topshop Razzmatazz!

I’ve gone for a sparkly number on the nails today! I posted a quick snap of this on Instagram last night and so many people wanted to know what it was, I thought it deserved it’s very own post!

So I’ve kept you all in suspense for the night but I can now let you all know… It’s Razzmatazz, an upcoming shade from Topshop Make-up.

It’s an almost clear, slightly lilac varnish with a base of fine lilac glitter, mixed in with fine holographic glitter and larger holographic hexagonal glitter. The resulting shade leaves you with relative glitter ball nails! It’s not quite silver, not quite lilac, not quite holographic… but a mix of all three. Love it! As always with Holo polishes, it’s quite difficult to get a good picture of! I think the two here represent a good mixture of what it looks like in different lights. It looks incredible at night time!

It’s quite sheer so you’ll need three coats to reach opacity, but I actually rather like this because it means you can use it as a glitter top coat too!

You can pick this up in Topshop from the end of March. £6.