Lush Review: Leap Frog!

I’m somewhat of a recent Lush convert, but since being lured in by their Christmas bath bombs this year, I’ve become somewhat of a fanatic. I know a lot of you feel the same way, so I thought it might be a good idea to do a mini review of all the products I try!

First up is ‘Leap Frog’ (Previously ‘Frog Prince’ – renamed for the Leap year) which is limited edition around Valentines day.

This little green frog is on the small side for bath bombs, but fizzes away nicely, leaving your bath a bright luminous green. The red lips are more of a buttery consistency so they don’t dissolve very easily into the water unless you stir it up.

As it’s a valentine’s special, there is also a little (rather creey!) note inside that says ‘Prince Rob was made to Kiss you’ – A cute idea but rather bizarre!

The scent is more of a ‘perfume’ scent than most lush products, with jasmine, sandalwood and rose. It smells a little sophisticated and it is nice and relaxing.

Overall, I really like this bath bomb but it definitely wasn’t as moisturizing on the skin as some of Lush’s others. It’s on the cheaper end of the spectrum at £2.75 (most of them are over £3) but I think I’d rather stick to some of my old favourites in the future… I’d definitely buy another of these next year around V Day, but it’s not one that I’ll be stocking up on.