Fragrance Friday: L.I.L.Y by Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney’s latest fragrance L.I.L.Y had it’s worldwide launch in Selfridges yesterday. I absolutely love the thought behind the fragrance, created to represent Spring.

The packaging is very unique: an oval bottle held inside a metal square with an angular, mixed metal cap. I especially love the name, which was taken from Paul McCartney’s nickname for his late wife Linda… L.I.L.Y stands for “Linda I Love You”

The heart note is Lily of the Valley (hence the name is so fitting) with a subtle hint of Truffle and a warm base of Oak Moss. It sounds lovely, warm and light.

I am a fan of Stella McCartney’s Original fragrance ‘Stella’ (especially the ‘Sheer’ version) and I wanted to like this fragrance so badly, but I just don’t. To me it’s an overpowering floral that smells of grannies and dries down to a nauseatingly floral concoction that seems to betray the sentiment behind the marketing.

If you like florals you might like this, but for me? It’s far too overpowering.

Oh, and the staying power is pretty good (on this occasion, not good thing!)

L.I.L.Y Eau de Parfum is available now, in 30ml, 50ml and 75ml sizes.