The Ultimate Hair Mask?

I have to admit I’m fussy with my hair care. Not only is my scalp exceptionally sensitive, it also has a tendency to get very dry in the winter, and my colour treated hair needs a conditioner that works overtime!

I was sent Geilly Green’s Nourish Mask a few weeks back, and while I had never heard of the boutique salon brand before, I was instantly impressed by the luxurious packaging and design. This is something you would want to see in your bathroom!

The product itself is really thick and looks a little grainy in the pot but smells nice, and a little goes a long way so you only need a small amount. I’ve been using it once or twice a week as an intensive mask and it honestly works wonders. My hair feels soft and shiny, but strong, thick and lustrous.

I’m always extra critical on products that I’ve been sent, as I haven’t made the investment to purchase them myself, so I do have to flag up the one downfall of this product… the price. It retails for £29.99. Ouch!

This is an absolutely fabulous product in every other way. It works wonders for my hair and has certainly secured a spot in my hair care routine for the moment, but would I repurchase it? Maybe…

If it had a price tag of £15 or less, I would definitely add this to my routine on a more permanent basis, but spending £30 on a single hair care treatment is a little lavish don’t you think?