Watch Out Benefit… Soap & Glory Cosmetics are Here!

Im sure you’ll all have heard of, seen or tried Soap & Glory products in the past? 

Well they’ve branched into makeup and I can honestly say I haven’t been this excited about a makeup launch in a very long time. 

They gave me the chance to try out some of the new products this month and I have to say I was really impressed by the line as a whole. The products themselves are great quality, housed in cute (also great quality) packaging, but for a reasonable price (prices vary from £5 for a basic pencil eyeliner to £11 for the foundation and blushes).

It’s fair to say they’ve taken a good amount of inspiration from the 50’s, and perhaps a little from their more upmarket competitor brand Benefit. 

The collection contains a large variety of different products, with a small but very carefully selected range of colours. I say this as a very (very!) good thing. Most ‘affordable’ makeup lines have about 10 shades of everything, the majority of which you would never wear. Soap & Glory have broken from this trend and have carefully selected shades so that they are (almost!) all wonderful. Sound good? Keep reading.

There are a few disappointments… The ‘Thick and Fast’ mascara wasn’t as good as I’d hoped (It’s very dry, with a huge awkward brush) and the lipstick shades, while lovely colours, are more suited to older tastes I think (my mum loved them all!). But the average products are far outnumbered by the great ones and one product really shone out to me…

My favourite item from the range is without a doubt the ‘Lid Stuff’ eyeshadow quad in What’s Nude. I’ve been wearing these colours every day since I got them three weeks ago. 

The texture is absolutely amazing. Soft, highly pigmented and easily blendable. These shadows could knock the socks off most high end alternatives and they’re only £10. 

The packaging is cute and sturdy. I’d definitely recommend checking this out next time you’re in Boots!

Disclaimer: Press sample