Review: No.7 BB Cream

I’ve never really ‘gotten’ the whole BB Cream hype. I’ve tried a few over the past year or so and I have to say I haven’t tried a single one that’s impressed me. It’s not the concept I’m opposed to. By all accounts anything that claims to be a tinted moisturiser (with better coverage), offer proper UV protection, and be good for your skin should be a winner in my books, but for some reason they all just feel like a greasy mess to me!

I went to a No.7 preview the other day and low and behold, they are also jumping on the BB Cream band-wagon! I was really pleased to see that unlike a lot of other brands, they have actually tried to account for different skin types, rather than sticking to a ‘one type fits all’ product (It’s still ‘one shade fits all’ though, don’t even get me started on that!). The three variants are for normal/oily skin, normal/dry skin and dry to very dry skin.

Seeing as I get dry skin this time of year, I opted for the Dry/Very Dry variety to try out. And I have to say I found it to be equally as disappointing as all the other BB’s I’ve tried before. The texture is slightly greasy and thick. The shade is a little on the grey side unless you like the Corpse Bride look, it doesn’t provide any more coverage than a very average tinted moisturiser, and it doesn’t feel nice on the skin (again, slightly greasy!)

I love the fact that they’ve included 5 star UVA sun protection, but for me, the product just doesn’t deliver. What’s more, it’s going to be £15… A little on the steep side I think!

The No.7 BB creams are due in stores on January 25th 2012, but I’d advise you to save your pennies and wait for their upcoming Spring collection designed by the lovely Lisa Eldridge… hint, hint… It’s fab!

What do you guys think of BB Creams?