Mini Avon Haul!

After posting about my Avon Glazewear lipstick in Coral Bliss last week, I couldn’t resist placing an order for some more, however the swatches on the website are absolutely awful (They all look the same!) so I decided to simply order the whole line.

This sounds rather extravagant but considering there are only five colours in the line, and the lipsticks are on sale for just £3 each, I thought I might as well!

Left-right: Coral Bliss, Sunset, Apricot, Nectar, Peach Silk

So if any of you are thinking of purchasing one of these lipsticks… this post might help (as it actually has decent swatches!)

Left-right: Coral Bliss, Sunset, Apricot, Nectar, Peach Silk

The colours are quite sheer and glossy compared to traditional lipstick. I’d say they are the perfect halfway point between lipstick and gloss, and the packaging is so chic and pretty in a slim rose gold tube. There isn’t the best range in colours, but my personal favourites are Coral Bliss, Sunset and Peach Silk. Nectar is a bit of a ‘nothing’ colour, and Apricot is a little more brown than I would normally go for, so I gave it to my mum (who loves it!)

 Coral Bliss




 Peach Silk

The more I use these, the more convinced I am that they are some of the best quality, great value for money lip products out there… love them!

On a side note, it seems to me that the names are are totally mismatched to the colours? ‘Sunset’ is more coral than ‘Coral Bliss’, ‘Apricot’ is not an apricot shade at all and would be more akin to the name ‘Sunset’… very confusing!

Since buying these, the price has been increased to £3.50, but I still think they are fab.

What do you think girls? Will you be ordering any of these? Any favourites?