Lip Lust: Avon Glazewear Silky Shine

Whenever I think of Avon, I automatically link it to middle age, unsophisticated packaging and poor pigmentation. I’ve tried a few things from them in the past and have liked a couple (SuperShock Mascara and a few of their lipsticks come to mind) but my latest dabble into the world of Avon has really changed my opinion…

They sent me one of their ‘Glazewear Silky Shine’ lipsticks to try in the shade Coral Bliss. I have to admit, I was instantly taken in by the packaging, it’s sleek, metal and more importantly… rose gold!

As the name suggests, the formulation is that of a gloss-lipstick hybrid. It’s just the right amount of sticky, so stays on for hours and hours (I’m not exaggerating… I wore it all day on Friday and only had to reapply once) but doesn’t feel like you’ve got gloop on your lips (a la Lancome Juicy Tubes!) It leaves your lips feeling nicely moisturised too, which is a must in this winter weather.

The colour is a gorgeous pink with a hint of coral (the name confuses me a little as it’s definitely more pink than coral in my eyes!) and a tiny glimpse of gold shimmer.

The perfect everyday shade.  It tastes lovely, fruity and sweet (actually kind of like passion fruit!) and whats more?! It’s currently on sale on the Avon website for £3! Yes THREE pounds… such a bargain!

I’m definitely going to order a few more of these, they are such amazing quality for such a low price. The swatches on the website are awful though, so it’s gonna be a blind guess I think!