New Makeup Line from LOOK Magazine: Best Bits & Swatches

Weekly fashion and beauty magazine LOOK have launched their very own cosmetics line. It is currently only available in one store (Westfield, Stratford) but is very soon to be rolling out in to Superdrug stores across the UK. I was given the chance to test out the line this week and thought I’d share some first impressions with you all…

The line is quite large, with prices ranging from £4 to £18, including everything from basic mascaras, blushes, lipsticks, nail polishes and single eyeshadows to more unusual large eyeshadow trios and lipstick/lipgloss duos. The packaging is quite minimalistic and plain, but very large and chunky. If I’m honest, I don’t like the packaging. It just feels bit cheap really, and while I’m a fan of the retro print designs that adorn the outer cardboard boxes, I don’t like the plastic casing of most of the products, the cursive writing that is plastered on it, or the names of the products themselves.

The product range itself is very hit and miss. There are some real gems, which include the nail polishes (especially the gemstone ‘sequin effect’ and the super bright ‘Neon’ pink). They aren’t the cheapest, at £5 each, but the quality seems good and there are some really cute colours.

The ‘Make Me Blush’ Blushes and ‘Holiday Glow’ Bronzers (Both £8) are also a real star product within the line. 

They come in an array of different colours, the above two being my favourites (Rosy a shimmery, rosy pink, and Ibiza a light golden bronze).

They are nice, smooth powders (not chalky like some cheaper powder products) and the shades are very flattering.

left-right: Ibiza, Rosy

I was also particularly taken in by the ‘La Luxe’ Triple Hit baked eyeshadow trio (£7.50).

The payoff is good for a baked eyeshadow and I’m totally in love with the taupey/lilac shade on the left. I’m a sucker for colours like these, especially for the winter months.

Last but not least, my final pick from the line has to be the ‘Toffee Cup’ lipstick. The packaging is very similar to Burberry’s; square casing with a magnetic closure. 

The shade is a lovely, creamy nude. I do think these are a little on the steep side at £7, but they are much better quality than a lot of their high street counterparts.

Overall, there are definitely a few gems in this collection, but I have to say that they are in and amongst some shockers too! There are a few lip shades that I wouldn’t wear for love nor money (think fluorescent bright pinks and purples!) and some rather questionable looking eyeshadow shades. In a way, I don’t think the shades in this line have been as carefully thought out as they should have been, instead just providing an array of bright colours to catch your attention, but end up looking (but not actually being) cheap.

I’d recommend having a LOOK (pun totally intended) when this hits a store near you, but definitely proceed with caution!
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