Nanoblur: Worth The Hype?

You may have heard about the latest anti-wrinke craze to hit the UK… Nanoblur claims to knock 10 years off in 40 seconds.

With a claim like that, supported by very impressive looking ‘before and after’ photos and a surprisingly low price tag of £19.99, I was determined to put it to the test…

The formulation of the product is similar to a silicone based primer, and it does contain silicones. The idea behind Nanoblur is that it contains minute light-scattering particles that effectively ‘blur’ out imperfections in the skin. It is a cosmetic treatment and doesn’t claim to have long term anti-wrinkle improvement or prevention properties. You are instructed to apply it over foundation (if you wear foundation).

To put the product to the test, I asked my mum to step in as guinea pig. She’s an skincare obsessive so, while a little reluctant to have her wrinkles scrutinised by the world… she couldn’t resist the prospect of looking 10 years younger in 40 seconds.

                                              Before                                                   After

I think ’10 years younger’ might be a little optimistic!

Having said that, there is a noticeable improvement in her skin tone and appearance of larger pores (especially on the forehead). Wrinkle-wise, it doesn’t seem to make a difference to the deeper ones, but a lot of the finer lines appear diminished (forehead again, and a little around the eyes). It also has a mattifying effect on the skin.

Overall, it’s most definitely not going to make you look 10 years younger, but it does make your skin look lovely. It’s not Poly-filler, so won’t fill in the deepest wrinkles, but it will give you better results than the majority of high end products out there, and with that… I’m very impressed.

I think this would be a great product for those of you who are concerned with large pores and/or the early signs of ageing as it does seem to diminish fine lines, uneven skin tone and visible pores.

Nanoblur is available now from Boots, £19.99 for 30ml.
*Disclaimer: Press sample.