Nailed: Matte Peridot

Continuing my obsession with matte nails for Autumn… I tried my Rimmel Pro matte top coat on top of Chanel Peridot the other day, and just look at the effect!

Peridot was a bit of a disappointment for me. I do love the shade, but it just doesn’t look as pretty on the nails as it does in the bottle (check out my original nail of the day post here). Putting a matte topcoat over it however, seems to transform it into something quite special…

The gold tones really come out and it has an almost velvet finish… so beautiful.

It’s not easy to get the finish perfect due to the combination of my poor condition nails, the thin Chanel polish and unforgiving matte topcoat, but I found OPI’s Ridge Filler to help immensely.

I’m absolutely loving this look for Autumn.