Fragrance Friday: Angel Eau de Toilette

Theirry Mugler’s Angel is like Marmite. You either love it or hate it. I loved it, and wore it religiously when I was a teenager, but something about the uber-sweet, instantly recognisable gormand scent became a little sickly over the years. I still like the smell, but wouldn’t wear it today.

I was therefore intrigued to hear that Thierry Mugler has released a new version of the classic scent ‘Angel Eau de Toilette’. The fragrance re-tweeking comes complete with a new bottle design and new face, the latter being Eva Mendes (who joined the brand this summer to replace Naomi Watts.)

The bottle is in the shape of a comet, still featuring Thierry Mugler’s signature multi-faceted star. I have to admit, I prefer the plain star shaped bottle of the Eau de Parfum, but I much prefer the newly-tweaked fragrance.

If you’re expecting something distinctly different to the original, you’re going to be disappointed. This version is very similar, at first spray I thought they hadn’t changed a thing, but it dries down to a slightly more subtle variant on the original. 

The patchouli and vanilla notes aren’t as overpowering and they’ve added a few interesting notes into the mix too, including praline and pink peppercorn. The result is a slightly lighter, smoother and easier to wear take on the original Angel EDP. 

It still has great staying power (despite being Eau de Toilette) and you still only need one or two sprays… it’s powerful stuff! Not cheap at £46 for 40ml, but the bottle is refillable.

A must try if you used to (or still do!) love Angel EDP. Available now.

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