Eyeko Goes High End

You may have heard about Eyeko’s recent, rather drastic rebranding?

If not… the cutesy anime look has gone out the window, along with almost all of their product line. Eyeko decided to ‘grow up’ and put the emphasis on the ‘Eye’ in Eyeko, their first launch being in the form of a ‘mascara wardrobe’.

If you were familiar with the old Eyeko, I’m sure the mascara will look familiar? That’s because it’s a re-vamped version of their bestselling ‘Big Eyes’ mascara.

Eyeko’s old ‘Big Eyes’ Mascara

Now, I was never a huge fan of ‘Big Eyes’, I always found it a little wet for my liking and it tended to slick all of my lashes together as a result.

The mascara is now available with three different brushes: The Skinny Brush (for length) the Curvy Brush (for curl) and the Fat Brush (for volume). All come with a rather gimmicky ‘Eyeko Sheild’ (for any music buffs out there… it’s a plectrum!) to help sheild your eyelids from unwanted mascara.

Skinny Brush, Curvy Brush, Fat Brush

The results given by the different brushes is shown below…

Without Mascara

Skinny Brush

Curvy Brush

Fat Brush

Firstly, I was happy to find that the formulation of the mascara has definitely improved. It’s much less ‘wet’ and more of a standard mascara consistency. The application with the Skinny Brush wasn’t easy due to the lack of bristles to help separate the lashes, but the Curvy Brush and Fat Brush were pleasant to apply.

Results-wise, I wasn’t impressed with how the Skinny Brush made my lashes look, but the others were surprisingly good in comparison. I was especially impressed with the way the Curvy Brush made my lashes look. The staying power seems to be good, with very little smudging throughout the day. All in all, I’d give the Skinny Brush 4/10, the Fat Brush 6/10 and the Curvy Brush 7/10… Not bad!

Now for the blow. During Eyeko’s ‘revamp’ they have had somewhat of a price jump… from £8.50 to £15. Yes, FIFTEEN pounds! Almost double the price. The mascara is good, but I just can’t see myself paying this much for it. I think there are plenty of high street mascaras that perform better for a much lower price, and if I felt like splashing out on a product, I would expect higher quality packaging than this. Sorry Eyeko… I’m not convinced.

The Mascara Wardrobe is being sold exclusively in Harvey Nichols Beauty Hall, and on the Eyeko website.

Disclaimer: Press sample