Jimmy Choo Mk.2

When Jimmy Choo launched their first fragrance, simply entitled ‘Eau de Parfum’ last year, it received rave reviews from just about everyone… except me. Something about the scent was just a little too sickly-sweet for my liking, but since most people seemed to love it, I thought you might like to hear that they are now launching a limited edition, intensified version of the scent: Jimmy Choo ‘Parfum’ which will be available in stores next week.

The bottle is a stunning semi-metal creation, and the perfume is a deep amber shade instead of the original baby pink. The new version is a more intense adaptation of the original. Keeping the same notes of tiger orchid, pear nectar, orange, toffee and patchouli but with a 20 per cent concentration of pure perfume, it will smell stronger and last longer. 

If you’re a fan of the original I’m sure you’ll have your eyes on this. Until you see the price tag… This 40ml bad boy will set you back £98.

A little steep? I think so.