Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall in The Beauty Hall!

Something fun for anyone who’s out and about over the next few months…

Shiseido are sending their ‘Magic Mirror’ on a tour of the UK!

The state of the art ‘Mirror’ is a virtual makeup application program that updates in real time, so it shows you what the latest Shiseido beauty looks will look like on you, without having to take all your makeup off!

Because it works in real time, you can see what the makeup would look like as you move, talk and laugh!

It may be a gimmick, but it sounds fun to me!

The mirror can be found at the following locations:

House of Fraser, Oxford St: Now – 18th August

House of Fraser, Meadowhall: 29th August – 17th September

House of Fraser, Manchester: 19th September – 3rd October

Jenners, Edinburgh: 5th October – 19th October

John Lewis, Newcastle: 21st October – 4th November

House of Fraser, Westfield: 9th November – 29th November

House of Fraser, Milton Keynes: 1st December – 24th December

House of Fraser, Oxford Street: 23rd December – 20th January

Harrods: 23rd Janurary – 11th February

Will any of you be checking this out if it stops near you?