For All Those Sensitive Scalps Out There…

If you follow my blog or YouTube channel on a regular basis you may have heard me talk about my sensitive scalp. It’s a total nightmare. Most products leave my scalp dry, while others can leave a path of destruction that can irritate the skin all around my scalp (including my forehead and the back of my neck… yuk!)

But the good news is… I’ve found the best thing to relieve it!

In the past I’ve relied on natural and organic brands to help soothe my sore scalp, but my new saviour product comes from skin care specialist brand Eucerin.

The active ingredients are Urea (sounds yucky, I know but trust me… it’s not pee!) and Lactate.

And it works. It’s the best thing I’ve found in my long search for a shampoo that not only soothes my scalp, but doesn’t leave my hair looking fluffy or frizzy (as I’ve found to be the case with most natural and organic brands)

I combine it with my favourite conditioner, and my hair and scalp have never felt better.

I’m a big fan!

You can pick up Eucerin Shampoo at Boots stores and online for £8.73

*This post has been sponsored by Eucerin, who gave me the shampoo to try, but believe me… it’s been tried and tested and I really do love it!*