*Guest Blog* One reason to go to the gym… and ten reasons not to!

This week I’m having a Guest Blog Takeover! Today’s guest blogger is Charlotte from WriteLikeNoonesWatching who’s talking about motivating yourself to get into the gym this summer…

So, I’m still going to the gym. Pat on the back for me. Aren’t I good? On a serious note, getting fit was my New Year’s Resolution and unlike most people, I didn’t give up in March. It’s almost July and I’m still struggling along.

Unfortunately, because I’m human and/or lazy, I’m getting a few moments of cba (can’t be arsed, for those not in the know); where going to the gym is about as exciting as watching the football when it’s the boyfriend’s turn with the remote.

I digress.

Does anyone else have those moments of complete insanity, where you begin to convince yourself that going to the gym is in fact bad for your health and must be replaced with chocolate immediately?

I thought so.

While you might not admit it, I know I’m not alone. I am not one of those smiley, happy-go-lucky gym bunnies, with abs of steel, legs that go up to here (the sky) when mine only go up to there (normal leg-type height), and customised with matching gym gear and a swishy ponytail. I am the girl that stomps in with a face like thunder and treats the cross trainer with an attitude that could result in GBH. I’m not a natural to say the least. It’s a very love/hate relationship where the gym loves me and I hate the gym.

I had a bit of a low point this weekend, when being a woman got the better of me and I sulked; getting by only with the aid of Feminax and BBQ food. In other words I was very bad. Either way, it made me realise that I don’t half have some rubbish excuses when it comes to avoiding the gym…

Top 10

  1. It’s raining – As a pedestrian extraordinaire; I hide at the merest hint of rain. I will not go outside. You can’t make me. This is in fact stupid as when it rains I get bored stuck indoors. (Note to self: May possibly have been a cat in past life)
  2. It’s sunny – Opposite to the above, I LOVE the sun. I should, therefore, be outside in it not struggling in a smelly gym. A tan also makes you look slimmer too… Yes…
  3. I’ve just showered – Oh silly me! I’ve showered and I should have gone to the gym first. Oopsie daisy. It would be silly to waste all that water and shampoo, and conditioner… When, in reality, you totally showered on purpose, you scheming cow.
  4. I ate a salad for lunch – But I also had onion rings with it…
  5. I’ll go tomorrow – When, in actual fact, you are extremely busy tomorrow and this will give you another excuse not to go and you can act all gutted and pull a “darn-it” face.
  6. I forgot my trainers – Charlotte, you live 10 minutes from work, go and get them you lazy cow.
  7. I don’t feel very well – Yes, of course, you have a terrible case of lazy-cow-itis. I prescribe motivation as a very successful cure.
  8. I have plans – Damn. I have to be at…um Sainsbury’s…at 7:30pm for this…thing? I just won’t have time to go to the gym after work. Oh. What. A. Shame.
  9. It’s THAT time of the month – My tummy hurts. I feel fat. I’m grumpy. Do not challenge me. Even though exercise “apparently” helps with the whole death-by-period thing.
  10. I can’t be arsed – When I’m being completely honest with myself, that is.

As you can see, that is quite an extensive list, though I’m sure that’s not all of them.

On the other side of the spectrum, there is one, sole reason that I do go to the gym, that gets me there at any given opportunity.

The One

1. Have you SEEN the size of your arse today Charlotte?

On that note, I rest my case. If you need me, I’ll be in the gym.

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