Spa-Worthy Treatment For Your Hair… From Pantene?!

An old classic, but often overlooked. Pantene Pro-V is a brand that you will all know, and no doubt have tried at some point in your life. If you haven’t tried the brand in a while you may want to think again as they are making waves in the hair world at the moment… (no pun intended!)

Pantene were so confident that their bestselling Smooth & Sleek collection could compete with high end brands that they put it to the test in a (very technically measured!) smoothness test against a £60 spa treatment, and there was absolutely no difference in the results!

The spa where the testing was carried out, Stoke Park Spa in Buckinghamshire, were so impressed with the results that they’ve become the first ever luxury spa to actively endorse and recommend Pantene products… impressive, no?!

I put the products to the test this week in my everyday haircare routine and I have to say I was really impressed!


(rough-dryed using other shampoo & conditioner. No straightening or serums.)


(rough-dryed using the Pantene Smooth & Sleek Shampoo, Conditioner and 24 Hour Frizz Fighter leave-in conditioner, no straightening or serums)

Pantene often get a bad rep for using silicones, but if they deliver the results then this really doesn’t bother me. The silicone debate is so over-hyped and hotly debated, I’m making it my mission to do a little more research on this… watch out for more info soon!

The Pantene Smooth & Sleek line is available from most supermarkets and pharmacists, from £2.19. I’ll definitely be giving more Pantene products a try in the future, I’ve been really impressed with the results from the Smooth & Sleek collection.