Guest Post: Will Your Fashion Fix Lead to Surgery?

Today I have a guest post for you all written by Isabella from Isabella writes about all aspects of cosmetic surgery on her blog and today she tackles a tough question that leaves us thinking how far would we go in the name of fashion…

Few accessories can finish off a look as a well as a pair of stylish earrings – but as designs become more and more elaborate, some are finding there’s a price to pay for glamming up your lobes further down the line. In fact a whole cosmetic surgery business is being built around the pursuit of accessory perfection.

You can’t have failed to have noticed the earring designs on the catwalks over the past few years, as designers aim to outdo each other with ridiculous designs and sizable weights to match. Forget tasteful diamond studs or small rings, we’re talking huge hunks of metal, wound down from each ear like an expensive light fitting. Some even wind around the wearer’s neck!

And of course, where the catwalks lead, the high streets follow and many of the popular retailers have followed suit with their own budget versions of the designs. While these cheap and cheerful homages may not weigh as heavy on the wallet, they can certainly do just as much damage to their wearer’s lobes.

Clinics are reporting increasing numbers of patients needing ear surgery after years of overloading their lugholes with heavy pieces of jewellery. Ironically, the cost of the surgery far outstrips what you’d expect to pay for a jewellery box-full of tacky earrings.

Typically, the repairs cost a few hundred pounds per ear and can take half-an-hour under local anaesthetic. Once the operation’s complete, your lobes will be hole free – but this isn’t the end of the story. For many people who have the procedure, the repair isn’t final – and is simply a chance to start again – and the ears can be pierced again six weeks later. In fact, some surgeons are even being asked to strengthen the ear during the operation so that the patient can wear actually wear heavier earrings. If this is the case, surgeons have the option to remove cartilage from the inner ear to add to the lobe or plumping up the lobe with Restylane.

Although some may be shocked by the lengths some will go to go one better during their beauty regimes, for others it’s nothing new. Given that there’s already liposuction for calves to help women fit into knee-high boots and toe shortening to ease the foot into heels, the trend shows no sign of stopping – how far will the world’s glamourpusses go to stay beautiful?