Body Beautiful?

So ‘that’ time of year is rapidly approaching…

Whether you’ll be baring all in a bikini on the beach or getting your legs out in your prettiest dresses, summer is here and for most of us women that means now is the time to start waxing, tanning, toning and generally stressing about exposing skin that hasn’t seen the light of day for the last six months!

But fear not! Mama Mio skincare are helping women across the nation gain confidence in their bikini bodies!

Not only have Mamma Mio set up a ‘confidence poll’ to score your body confidence out of 50 (I scored 30) They have also set up a ‘Confidence Challenge’ on Twitter and Facebook where they set you challenges each week to help build your body confidence. The challenges run all the way through the summer, finishing the last week of August, when you’ll be asked to fill in the confidence poll again to see how you’ve progressed!

Everyone who takes part also has the chance to win a £1000 holiday voucher with Kuoni, so if you’re very lucky… you’ll be able to flaunt your bikini body with confidence on a beautiful beach somewhere too!

I’m loving the idea of this, having just started my summer ‘get fit’ kick I’m hoping it’ll give me that little extra help I need to stay motivated!

I’ve also been trying some of Mama Mio’s cult body-perfecting lotions and potions to help me on my way, so I’ll keep you posted on those and whether a cream really can tone your bum, trim your tum and perk up your boobs (I’m sceptical I have to say!)

Would love to know if any of you will be entering this with me?!