Sneaky Peak: Jo Malone Wild Bluebell

Today I was invited along to the unveiling of the newest fragrance from Jo Malone: Wild Bluebell. Upon entering a fabulous Georgian town house, I was instantly transported into a fantasy world of fresh bluebells, rabbits and whimsical fairytales. The new fragrance (and it’s colourful campaign) is somewhat of a departure from the norm for Jo Malone.

It’s a rather different scent that has something quite unusual about it. It combines not only fresh bluebell but clove, lily of the valley and jasmine. With subtle white amber and musk base notes coming through once it settles on the skin, this light scent remains fresh and floral yet still complex and intriguing.

The accompanying ad campaign is perfecting fitting for the scent, telling the story of a girl named Bluebell… ‘Terribly English. Naughty but nice. A girl who lets nature run riot for all the right reasons’

Really quite beautiful don’t you think?

The bad news? It’s not available till September, but take note ladies! This is definitely one to look out for… The scented candle is particularly lovely.