Lips I’m Loving!

While having a much needed clear out of my ridiculously heavy and oversized handbag this afternoon, I counted up all of the lip products I was lugging around with me… no fewer than seven! A little overkill don’t you think?

None the less, I do love all of these lippies I was hoarding away and as most of them are fairly new additions to my collection, I thought I’d blog about them!

1. Burberry Lip Mist in Feather Pink – The newest release from Burberry (they only came out this week I think!) This is quite simply the most fabulous textured lipstick out there. It feels almost like a gel when it glides on and leaves your lips feeling smooth and lovely. The colour is a great ‘your lips but better’ shade. I’m totally in love with the super-luxurious magnetic closure packaging too!

2. Dior Addict Lipstick in DiorKiss – This is the colour that Kate Moss is wearing in the advert for Dior’s latest line of lipsticks and I think it’s set to become something of an iconic colour for them. Just bright enough to catch your attention, but not bright enough to make you feel uncomfortable wearing it… This is fast becoming a staple colour in my collection.

3. MAC’s Creme Cup – The latest edition to the pile, this pale lilac-pink has quite a cult following online. I absolutley love the rich, creamy formulation of the MAC cremesheen lipsticks and can’t believe I didn’t buy this shade sooner – gorgeous!

4. Shiseido Shimmering Rouge in PK407 – For some reason anything bright fuschia with blue shimmer draws me in like a magpie and this lipstick was no exception. It’s super bright in the tube but appears very sheer on the lips, making it quite wearable yet still unusual and fun. The formulation is very light and moisturising too so great for daytime wear. The packaging looks and feels super glamourous. The name however, does not (but I can let that one slide!)

5. NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in Carthage – My favourite, yet (unsurprisingly!) least worn colour of the bunch. This is a scorchingly bright matte pink that I am dying to wear on holiday this summer… if only summer would hurry up and arrive sooner!

6. MAC’s Costa Chic – My second most recent purchase, on recomendation from the lovely Tanya Burr (or Pixi2woo on YouTube) this looks almost orange in the tube but a gorgeous coral-pink on the lips… another perfect shade for the summer holidays.

7. NARS Lipgloss in Wonder – Last but not least, this super sheer tangerine gloss from the NARS summer collection is surprisingly wearable and looks great (as it is shown above) layered over MAC’s Costa Chic… exotic yet wearable!

So girls, which is your favourite? And how many lippies are lurking at the bottom of your handbag?!