Car Polish?

Those of you who follow me on twitter may be aware of my recent obsession. I’ve been trying to find a nail polish that matches my car. Normally this would be an easy feat, surely? Well as some of you may know, my car is a pretty special colour and I’ve searched high and low for a polish that could potentially match my prized motor.

Well… I may have found it!

One of my lovely friends on Facebook let me know about Nails Inc. ‘Franklin’s Row’ polish, which looked like this online:


When I finally got my mitts on this shade I was not dissapointed!

It’s almost the perfect shade! It is slightly on the dark side, and would be an even closer match if it had a little more pink and bronze in the mix, but it’s definitely the best I’ve found so far!

It was lovely to apply too and the colour is so pretty on the nails – LOVE it! You can pick it up on for £11.

On a side note, thank you so much for everyone who’s sent me their suggestions for a matching polish since I mentioned it – I’ve been inundated with tweets, comments, messages and emails from you all I feel really quite overwhelmed! And an extra special thanks to Zara, who tracked this one down!