What Beyonce Did Next…

Yesterday I got the chance to catch a whiff of Beyonce’s second foray into the perfume world: ‘Heat Rush’.

Beyonce’s first fragrance ‘Heat’, was released last summer and I am a big fan. If you haven’t smelt the original fragrance it’s surprisingly sweet and fruity. I expected Beyonce to go a little more obviously ‘Sexy’ with her fragrance debut but was pleasantly surprised to find that the scent was actually light, fresh and fruity.

Her second fragrance release follows along the same lines. Heat Rush, if anything, is even sweeter than the original scent. It smells like a freshly mixed cocktail! With top notes of passionfruit, blood orange and cherry this is quite understandable, but it settles into a slightly more smooth, subtly floral scent.

For me, this was an instant hit. I LOVE it and would definitely recommend everyone who likes the Escada perfumes to have a sniff when this is released on 6th April. Another plus point is that it won’t break the bank at £27 for 50ml and £36 for 100ml Eau de Toilette.

The one downside? They didn’t change the bottle… which I really don’t like!