The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift?

Mother’s Day is fast approaching (April 3rd!) and for those of you who are still yet to decide on what to treat your mum to this year, I have the perfect solution!

Yesterday I took my mum down to Harrods to treat her to a Nubo White Diamond Radiance Facial. As a woman who is utterly obsessed both diamonds and skincare, I thought I’d hit the nail on the head with this one… and I wasn’t wrong!

Nubo’s Diamond Peel & Reveal transformative treatment containing real diamond dust (above), is the central product in the White Diamond Facial. It promises to noticeably diminish fine lines, eliminate dead skin and impurities, and to brighten and promote natural luminosity.

My mum was suitably impressed and rather intrigued by the concept of combining two of her favourite things in life, along with a tasty brunch in Harrods… brownie points, here I come!

I also thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get her Mother’s Day treat in early in order to write a review for you all, albeit with the promise of no before and after photographs!

After spending a good 15 minutes marching around Harrods trying to find the right place (the Nubo section in the ‘Beauty Apothecary’ hall, not Urban Retreat!) we were greeted by renowned facialist Caroline Hitchcock and taken into a secret room on the other side of the Beauty Hall (confusing, I know!)

My mum emerged 50 minutes later glowing, singing Caroline’s praises and telling me all about the Nubo line and how she was converted.

Nubo’s ‘Beauty by Appointment’ facials cost £50 to book, but this is fully redeemable against any of their products, so it’s essentially a free treatment! My mum umm’ed and ahh’ed over the line deciding which was her favourite product but in the end decided the ‘Voile’ (a makeup/skincare hybrid type product that lies somewhere between a primer and a tinted moisturiser) and the ‘Eye Focus’ Cream were her top picks.

For more information visit the Nubo website or call Harrods on 0207 7301234 (Ext. 3285) to book.

Brownie points guaranteed!