New from Burt’s Bees…

I got the chance to try out the latest product to be released by natural skin care brand Burt’s Bees today and I have to say I was nothing less than seriously impressed. I’m already a big fan of the brand (which you may have gathered if you’ve seen my previous posts about them!) so I had high expectations for their new 24 Hour Body Lotions.

There are four varieties in the new line, all specifically targeted for different types of skin. There’s Aloe & Buttermilk for Sensitive Skin, Cocoa & Cupuacu for Dry Skin, Fragrance free with Shea Butter & Vitamin E for all skin types and last but certainly not least (as it’s my personal favourite!) Milk & Honey for normal to dry skin.

If you’ve tried their original Milk & Honey body lotion you’ll know that it’s not just the scent that is wonderful… I’m not sure what it is but something about the formulation of the Milk & Honey products is cooling on the skin. They both make your skin feel so fresh and soft. I think I prefer the new formulation to the original though, as it’s more the consistency of a body butter, rather than a milk so it feels more luxurious to apply.

The new line has been formulated with something called ‘Liquid Crystal Technology’ (sounds technical!) Which is meant to emulate the state of your skin in order to help the lotion to penetrate and for the nutrients to be more effectively absorbed. I don’t know anything about liquid crystals but it certainly leaves your skin feeling baby soft!

The 24 hour moisturization body lotions are available online now (£8.50 incl. delivery at feelunique) and will be in stores from April, priced at £9.99

Any other Burt’s fans out there? Any of these new formulas take your fancy?